The evolution of non invasive prenatal screening

The first non-invasive prenatal test that screens for single-gene disorders

A useful test

It can identify conditions that may not be associated with abnormal prenatal ultrasound findings and thus may go undetected until after birth

Early diagnosis of genetic disorders

It screens for several clinically significant and life-altering genetic disorders that are not screened for with current NIPT technology

An innovative test

It is the only NIPT that screens for genetic disorders associated with advanced paternal age


The evolution of non invasive prenatal screening

GeneSafe is the first non-invasive prenatal test that screens for both de novo and inherited single-gene disorders.

Current non-invasive prenatal tests screen for aneuploidies and microdeletions. PrenatalSafe® Karyo also screens for rare aneuploidies and segmental chromosome imbalances (gains and losses) in every chromosome in the fetal genome, providing karyotype-level insight.

GeneSafe goes further.

Through cfDNA analysis from maternal plasma, it screens for several clinically significant and life-altering genetic disorders that are not screened for with current NIPT technology.

Fetal DNA

facilitates early diagnosis for single-gene disorders


A simple blood sample (8-10 ml) collected at 10 weeks of gestation is required


It is a non-invasive test, no risk for the fetus and the mother.


False positives < 0.1%


Turnaround time of just 10-15 days

GeneSafe involves 3 different levels of screening:

screens for 5 common inherited recessive genetic disorders

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screens for 44 severe genetic disorders due to de novo mutations (a gene mutation that is not inherited)

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screens for both inherited and de novo single-gene disorders, providing a more complete picture of the pregnancy risk.

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The most comprehensive information available from a noninvasive prenatal test to date

GeneSafe works as a complementary screen to traditional or genome-wide NIPT (such as PrenatalSafe® Karyo), allowing a more complete picture of the risk of a pregnancy being affected by a genetic disorder.

Indication for testing

The first prenatal test suitable for any type of pregnancy

GeneSafe test is intended for patients who meet any of the following criteria:

advanced paternal age (men that are >40 years old)
abnormal ultrasound finding(s) suggestive of monogenic disorder
• couple carrier of mutations in one of the common inherited disorders
• patients wishing to avoid an invasive diagnostic procedure

The test is suitable for:
both single and twin pregnancies
• patients whose pregnancies have been achieved by IVF techniques, including pregnancies with egg donation or surrogacy.


Clear test results reporting
Maggiore serenità in gravidanza


Advanced technology that ensures high reliability of the results

GeneSafe is a test of

Eurofins Genoma

Advanced molecular diagnostics solutions using state-of-the art technologies

Test performed in Italy (Rome or Milan)

20 years experience in prenatal molecular diagnostics

ISO 17025 accredited laboratories

R&D team

Fast TAT:
10-15 days

Test available

genetic counseling

Over 200.00 genetic tests/year

Useful docs

for families and physicians
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Useful documents for GeneSAFE test

GeneSAFE Technical Report
GeneSAFE Technical Report
GeneSAFE Informed Consent
GeneSAFE Informed Consent
GeneSAFE Requisition Form
GeneSAFE Requisition Form
PrenatalSAFE Requisition Form
PrenatalSAFE® Requisition Form

How to order

A simple "step by step" procedure for ordering GeneSAFE test
GeneSAFE Procedure
GeneSAFE Kit

Ordering GeneSafe™ test is simple and fast

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